How to backup android apps and data with titanium backup

How to Backup Android Apps and Data with Titanium Backup

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How to backup android apps and data with titanium backup – We’re here to guide you through the guide about the best way best to backup your apps and data in Titanium backup,and to restore applications and data and how to set up titanium backup. This could arise a question on why you need to copy data? In phones one has to install every every app if missing and can’t back up data.

If you are the person who changes your smartphone very frequently or if you flash custom ROMs often, it is adviced to have a application like Titanium backup in order to prevent wasting time in supplying the data and apps throughout again.Titanium backup will backup your android apps along with data. So as to have Titanium apk you want to ensure your phone is rooted. First backup your data and save the folder to PC or your SD card. To restore you need to download titanium backup program from play store if you already saved it to SD card or just install it.

First backup your data and save the backup folder to PC or your SD card. To restore you have to download acoustic copy app from play store if you saved it to SD 24, or install it.


  • Firstly Make sure Busy Box is installed and USB debugging is enabled
  • Back file of Titanium Backup app is situated in internal storage.

How to Backup Android Apps and Data with Titanium backup Pro

  1. Download Titanium Backup Pro and Install the app from play store and after successful installation, Pop-up Seems to grant the permission to root access, Give it.backup data with titanium backup
  2. After SuperSu authorization that is successful, the app will check for framework configurations. It will show to you the Main screen (Overview).
  3. Now set up your backup place by selecting “Preferences” from the primary menu. You may select your backup place you can backup your device info on the cloud. It’s three options for cloud storage Box Dropbox and Google Drive.backup data with titanium backup 1
  4. You have two choices to choose backup. To start with backup or backup all applications on the one click. To backup a application head to ‘Backup/Restore‘ choice tap the application and also snap backup. It will backup your own application.backup data with titanium backup 3
  5. For Batch performance move to the “Batch” option from Main Menu. With the bunch backup, you can backup all user programs, all system applications (not preferred) and all user applications with data in one snap. Also, the app has a choice to backup variant of the applications and all applications.
  6. For Batch performance tap “Run” beside Backup all user programs or you can select any method from the dropdown. When you tap Run, it will display all your programs. Pick all programs and tap on green signal () that located on the right corner. It will start the process when you tap the green tick.backup data with titanium backup 5
  7. It takes a while to backup your selected applications, so it’s possible to minimize the app. The application will inform you if the backup finished. This is the way.backup data with titanium backup 6

Restore your Apps with Titanium backup

  1. Restoring for the first time, you need to pick on the Titanium backup folder.restore data titanium backup
  2. Now visit the batch menu (Menu-> Batch) or navigate to Backup/Restore display to restore single app.restore data titanium backup
  3. Now in Batch menu you can observe a lot of choices to restore your software like revive all user applications, restore all system apps or restore all user aps and system info.
  4. For Batch performance tap on “Run” button beside ‘Restore all user applications with data‘ and tap the green tick on the following display.restore data titanium backup 3
  5. The guide that is partitioning begins, and it will restore your applications that are selected with data, restore games advancement, before when the backup was made by you, and you have all your applications.