Battery Charging Animation Full Battery Alarm

battery charging animation full battery alarm

Battery Charging animation app is a charging alarm, battery charging indicator app that shows custom charging animation on screen with battery percentage.

With cool phone charging animation, app also have options for battery full alarm and battery low alarm and a charging indicator widget. You can create multiple battery alarms for battery levels you want. Battery charging animations shows you that you are connected to power and your phone is charging with list of cool charging animation choices.


  1. Cool battery charging animations.
  2. Full control over charging animation size, position and transparency level
  3. Battery percentage text with charging animations
  4. Charging indicator widget
  5. Keep battery health in good condition.
  6. Save mobile phone battery from being overcharged and being dead.
  7. Charge Alarm notify you with alarm and vibration when your mobile phone battery fully charged or goes beyond or below the level you specified.

No need to check the battery status again and again. app notifies you when it reach at battery level you specified.

The Overcharging of battery can damage battery so it should be plugged out when it reaches 100%.
So Full Charge Alarm will help you to keep your phone’s Battery healthy.

Note: If you use any task killer or Ram cleaner app, please add this app to ignore list or white list. Otherwise, battery alarm may not work properly

Note for XIAOMI, OPPO USERS: In the security settings given by Xiaomi & Oppo default, please include the app for auto start. In some phones you need to turn on auto start option in background run setting.

Download File:

XDA LAB   Google Play store

Source code :…rginganimation