100 Ringtones & Notification Sounds for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+(Official Samsung)

Download Ringtones & Notification Sounds Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ – The Galaxy S9 is definitely easier to manage and live with because of its smaller footprint and reduced weight, but both smartphone have the same thickness of 8.5mm. The exposed aluminium sides offer enough surface area to grip the Galaxy S9 when lifting it or when you are on a call, but its front and back can be slippery. The Galaxy S9+ is definitely a handful from the literal sense, and is a little tough to manage with just 1 hand. Additionally, due to the near bezel-less design, we frequently had many accidental screen rolls together with the larger model.

Galaxy s9 Ringtones

The glass back lets you charge the phone and perform contactless payments via Samsung Pay. It’s a fingerprint magnet. It doesn’t take much to find a lot of smudges on the back. The screen is a bit more resilient. Both phones have the same screen sizes and resolutions because of their predecessors. Both are Super AMOLED panels using an 18.5:9 aspect ratio and a native resolution of 1440×2960 (Quad HD+).

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are officially available for pre-order with apparatus sending on the March 16, but that has not stopped someone from grabbing the ringtones and notification sounds from the phone. If you would like to use the sound files in your phone, you can download them …

Users on XDA-Developers could extract these notification sounds and ringtones from a system dump of the Galaxy S9. So now, You can make your handset sound like Samsung’s forthcoming flagship smartphone.100 Ringtones & Notification Sounds for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Download all of the different Telling sounds and ringtones below:

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How to use Samsung’s Galaxy S9 or S9+ ringtones & sounds on your phone

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip files onto your device, download a file manager like Astro in the Play Store. Using the app, navigate into your Downloads folder and uncompress the .zip files.

Then move the audio files in the uncompressed folders to the proper notifications and ringtones folders onto your device. With the Google Pixel, there are different folders for notifications and whistles, but some handsets might combine the two.

Now that everything has been moved to the proper place, go into the Audio section of your telephone’s Settings. As long as the sound files have been transferred correctly, you need to see them as options when you opt for a new phone ring tone or default telling audio.

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