How to install ADB, Fastboot and Google USB driver in 10 seconds!!

How to install ADB, Fastboot and Google USB driver – If you would like to root your own Android device or flash an custom ROM, restart it in download mode, either in fastboot mode or in recovery mode, then you have to set up ADB, Fastboot along with Google USB driver your device installed on your pc, within the following article, I will show you how to set up ADB, Fastboot applications and the Google USB driver in 10 minutes!

install ADB, Fastboot and Google USB driver

Best Ways to set up ADB, Fastboot and Google USB driver at 10 seconds!!

ADB and Fastboot are two tools which could send orders to a Android phone linked to the PC through USB. They have different purposes:

What is ADB

ADB (Android Debug Bridge): ADB allows you to send commands and command your own Android device from your computer via USB. You must first enable USB debugging in your own device, this really is a communication between the smartphone and Windows.You can send orders in the event the Android phones is turned on, or when it is in Recovery mode. ADB can be utilized on rooted or unrooted Android devices, Is Quite Helpful to the Android network to root, flash fresh ROMs, Unlock bootloader, Run the”shell” controls, Transfer documents into Android device, or just troubleshoot a broken smartphone.

Examples of ADB commands:

  • Adb devices: displays the list of devices on the PC.
  • Adb reboot – restart the gadget.
  • Adb install (source.apk): install an APK (program ) on the smartphone.
  • Adb help: This command displays help on ADB commands.
  • Adb reboot recovery : restart the device in Recovery mode.
  • Adb reboot fastboot: restart the device in Fastboot mode.
  • Adb shell (command): execute a Linux command on the device.
  • Adb sideload This command permits you to install updates and files onto your smartphone.
  • Adb drive (source) (destination) : copy a file from the PC to your device.

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The most common mistakes of ADB, and their solutions:

  • Command Not Found: You’ve entered the command incorrectly, or it’s not compatible with your own version of ADB.
  • Server is out of date: The ADB version used on your computer is not compatible with your smartphone. All you need to do is upgrade your version of ADB-Tools.
  • Waiting for phones: This mistake is the same as No Gadget. Your computer does not recognize your smartphone and cannot connect them. You will find the solutions in No Device.
  • No Device: Your USB cable isn’t properly connected or your computer does not see the smartphone. Try another USB port or another cable, enable USB debugging, assess the driver and restart the smartphone / PC could repair the issue.

What is Fastboot

Fastboot is a diagnostic tool that allows you to make modifications to system files in an Android phone from a computer. Restart your smartphone into fastboot mode is place in bootloader mode, this mode enables you to flash/modify other ROMs, install customs retrieval, and flash files from”.img”.

Cases of Fastboot commands:

  • Fastboot device: displays the list of devices on the PC
  • Fastboot flash recovery (Recovery File): installs a custom recovery on the device.
  • Fastboot update (ROM File): update the device ROM.
  • Fastboot reboot : reboot the device.

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What is Google USB driver

Google USB driver are files that have to be installed on Windows to recognize an Android phone or tablet computer so that it can be used through USB. Every smartphone has its own driver.

What you need to put in ADB, Fastboot along with Google USB drivers on your PC:

  • Have a computer running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
  • To set up ADB, Fastboot drivers, you need to manually download and set up your packages from the SDK manager from Android studio, yet to make it straightforward to install the ADB, Fastboot and Google USB driver, Snoop05 an XDA forum member, created a program is called”10 seconds ADB Installer” automatically installs the most recent version of ADB, Fastboot and Google USB drivers in 15 seconds.

Download 10 minutes ADB Installer: Adb Installer

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How to Install ADB,Fastboot and Android Drivers on your own computer

Step 1 –  Run”adb-setup-1.4.3.exe” file as an administrator.


Adb 1

Step 2 –  Press “Y” to install ADB,Fastboot, then press”Enter” to confirm.

Adb 2

Step 3 –  Press “Y” another time and then confirm By pressing”Enter”.

Adb 3

Step 4 –  Press “Y” to set up the Android USB drivers.

Adb 4

Step 5 –  Click “Next” to start installing Google USB drivers.

Adb 5

Step 6 –  Check that the”Always trust software from Google Inc” box and then click on”Install” to confirm.

Step 7-  Click”Finish” to close the setup supervisor and complete the installation.

Adb 6

Step 8 –  That’s it, ADB and Fastboot are now installed, To get the ADB and Fastboot tools, visit the C: \ adb folder or C: \ Users \ Username \ adb.

Adb 7Adb 8

Succesfully!!!! Now you can run ADB and Fasboot commands on your own Android device.