8 Ways to Install Helix Engine on your Android Phones

How to install Helix Engine | One of the very first apps I set up in my smartphone after rooting them is Kernel Adiutor or a different kernel tweaking app. With apps like these, it is possible to quickly tweak most facets of your device’s kernel: change the CPU/GPU rhythms and clock speeds for your liking, alter CPU/GPU governors to save focus on performance, and much more. And by installing a custom kernel with added tweaks, governors, improvements, patches, and features, these possibilities are unlocked and enlarged even further.

Helix Engine

These apps serve their purpose very well, and they’re popular by our neighborhood. But these apps also have some downsides and certain flaws here and there: for you can’t change between functionality modes (governors and frequencies) mechanically, which means that you want to manually change between battery/balanced/performance configurations each time you feel the need to modify.


What is Helix Engine Application

Helix Engine is an accessibility tool which allows users to automatically switch between different performance profiles. Helix Engine provides three energetic profiles — Battery saver, Performance, and Balanced. This power accessibility tool is created by Team Helix that also developed the Helix kernel.

Ahead of Helix Engine, there were other applications to change the performance of the smartphones, Kernel Aduitor being the most popular among them.

Helix Engine is NOT a kernel management app, and it bears little to no resemblance to some thing like Kernel Adiutor. Instead, it’s an entry tool created by Team Helix, the exact same team of developers who brought the Helix Kernel (for the HTC 10 and OnePlus 5) to lifetime.

The concept behind the Helix Engine is fairly simple: using accessibility solutions, the app can detect package names and employ profile configurations to automatically switch between battery/balanced/performance modes whenever a particular app is started.

Helix engine contains a predefined set of settings and profile data for various applications based on processor. It automatically finds the applications running and changes the settings based on it. But it doesn’t imply that you can’t change anything on it.

You are able to place some applications like social media to battery effective settings and games to performance mode. Applications not defined in both battery or performance modes are automatically set to balanced mode. It is also possible to whitelist specific and Helix Engine will be disabled for these applications.



You can set battery-efficient configurations on social media applications to get the most from your mobile, or you can put the performance mode each time a game is launched, so you can get buttery smooth gameplay. The application brings predefined preferences for specific applications, preselected especially for your device/processor, in addition to predefined profile info, each of which you can change to your liking.

If an app isn’t defined in either the battery mode or the performance mode, it is going to default to the balanced mode. You can also whitelist certain applications meaning, if an application is whitelisted, no scripts will run while it is in use, behaving exactly the same as if the Helix Engine has been disabled.

The current beta version of the app can now be employed on all of ARM64 phones, no matter the Android version, firmware, or kernel. The Helix Engine is additionally compatible with both the EAS and HMP kernels, meaning a custom kernel must be a non-issue.


8 Ways to Install Helix Engine on android Phones

Below I will explain to you the easiest way to install the app, so read carefully to succeed, Lets do its..

Step 1: You need Helix Engine application, click to download Helix Engine APK on Playstore.

Helix Engine playstore

Step 2: Install Helix Engine app on your smartphone, after installing Helix Engine application, then open the application and allow root access to it. Root access is essential for this applications to work.

root access Helix Engine

Step 3: At this time, you’ll be in the application homepage that will show the status of Helix Engine and phone info such as Kernel type and SoC Model.

 Kernel type and SoC Model helixengine

Step 4:  Then disable the phone’s inbuilt power manager as it can conflict with Helix Engine app. After it, Enable Helix Engine.

Step 5: At this time, you’ll need to allow Helix Engine from the Access Settings of your own Android phones. Then tap on the Helix Engine and turn on the toggle. When asked for verification, tap OK.

enable helix engine

Step 6: After its, Proceed to the application and Helix Engine card will be displayed enabled. It shows that the Helix Engine is disabled, close the application and re-launch it.

re-launch helix engine

Step 7: Then tap Operation mode to pick the mode which your phone will operate.

Step 8: You could even customize the profiles from the Side menu. Just tap on any option and it will open its settings.

change profiles helix engine

Done, you have success install Helix Engine app on your devices, If you discovered any problems while installing the apk file. You may ask us in the comment section below.