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How to Enter Recovery Mode on Motorola Moto G5

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How to enter recovery mode Moto G5 – Motorola Moto G5 smartphone has been launched in February 2017. Motorola Moto G5 price in India begins from Rs. 8,740. The Motorola Moto G5 is powered by 1.4GHz Oct-core chips and it comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded up to 128GB by means of a microSD card. As far as the cameras are involved, the Motorola Moto G5 packs a main camera on the rear along with a front shooter for selfies.

The Motorola Moto G5 runs Android 7.0 and can be powered by a 2800mAh removable battery. It steps 144.30 x 73.00 x 9.50 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 145.00 grams. Well, in that respect during the following lines I will explain a Android operation which is able to help you fulfill your tweaking plans: rebooting recovery mode. enter recovery mode motorola moto g5 By default the stock recovery img is currently running on your smartphone. This mode puts your handset into a state from where you are able to opt to initiate procedures and runs independently from the Android manner. These procedures can help you customize, optimize, customize or fix the Android firmware. Through stock recovery it is possible to apply just official operations like flashing .zip files, sideloading OTAs, making a hard reset or clearing application data cache.  

However, the stock recovery image can be replaced using a custom app on your Motorola Moto G5. If that’s the case, you will expand the Android access meaning you will be able to apply unofficial procedures such as: gain root access, add customized kernels, MODs and ROMs, install root-only applications, flash apps from other sources than Google Play, download and use characteristics that cannot be found on the inventory Android OS, overclock / undervolt CPU frequencies, make Nandroid copies and so on.

Enter Recovery Mode Motorola Moto G5

Moreover, putting the Moto G5 in recovery mode is possible even if you already rooted your smartphone or if you unlocked its bootloader. In reality, you need to have the ability to access and use this Android style irrespective of the state in which your handset is located.


If you plan to use the recovery mode for completing an unofficial process, before doing so make a general backup. A backup can help you protect your data – documents which weren’t there by default can get corrupted or even wiped out through specific alterations, so be cautious and try to save your personal data, data, accounts and files : you can sync your files with your Google Account, you may use backup and restore applications from Google Play or you may use any other cloud storage platform.

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Recovery mode on the Moto G5 is an official process when talking about stock or custom recovery image. Therefore, completing the tutorial from below can be done without assuming specific risks – no, the warranty of your device will not receive emptiness and no, you won’t have to use complex or risky instruments for applying the reboot sequences which are explained in this tutorial.

Best Ways to enter Recovery Mode on Motorola Moto G5

Method 1

  1. Switch off your smartphone press and hold the Power key or press the Power button once and select power off.
  2. Wait a few moments until the change off process is finished.
  3. Press and hold down the Volume key for 2 or 3 seconds.
  4. When holding down the Volume Down key, press and release Power key.
  5. From the menu that will be shown highlight Recovery (scroll down and up using Volume rocker keys) and press Power button to confirm.
  6. As soon as the Android logo is displayed press and hold Volume Up for a few minutes.
  7. While holding Volume Up press and release the Power key.
  8. The recovery mode menu should be displayed.
  9. In recovery usage Volume rocker keys to scroll down and up and Power button to pick.
  10. You can return to Android mode by selecting reboot system now.

Method 2

That is a manual process, so a computer will be required. On this computer you need to install Android SDK: learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux. The Moto G5 drivers have to be installed on your computer. And, on your own smartphone that the USB debugging option needs to be checked – USB Debugging can be seen under “menu – preferences – developer options“.

Note: for enable Developer Options you want to tap (for 7 or 10 times ) on Build Number – keep tapping till you receive the ‘you’re a developer’ message.

  1. Power on your Moto G5 along with your PC.
  2. Connect your smartphone with your pc through USB cable.
  3. In your computer access the Android SDK folder.
  4. From there open a cmd window, press and hold the Shift computer keyboard and right click any blank space – then select open command prompt window.
  5. In the cmd window which will be displayed type: adb reboot recovery.
  6. Press Enter and wait until recovery mode is displayed on your Motorola Moto G5.

Method 3

You can use a third party program from Google Play, in the event you already rooted your Motorola Moto G5. Through apps you can enter recovery mode. An instance in that matter is the Quick Boot software. Follow on-screen prompts and install it run it and download the app from Google Play and choose to reboot to recovery mode.


These three methods should help you enter recovery mode on the Motorola Moto G5. Examine the tutorial and discuss your observations with our subscribers with us. In case you have questions contact us as we are here to assist you. If you would like to know comparable tutorials and Android tips and tricks, stay close.