Complete Guide: How to Root Xiaomi Poco F1

Xiaomi Poco F1 Review

The Xiaomi Poco F1 is the first product from sport and Poco specifications such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor alongside a battery that is 4000mAh. However, the most interesting piece about the Poco F1 is the pricing. With prices beginning at Rs. 20,999, the F1 is undoubtedly the most affordable smartphone operating the flagship Qualcomm chip. Has Xiaomi cut at corners to meet this price? Let’s find out.

The Poco F1 sports a 6.18-inch full-HD+ screen with an 18.7:9 aspect ratio. It’s 2.5D arch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to get protection. The same as other recently launched mobiles, the Poco F1 has a notch on top of the screen, but it’s larger than the ones around the OnePlus 6 along with also the LG G7+ ThinQ, chiefly because it houses an infrared camera, infrared emitter, 20-megapixel selfie camera, and the earpiece. The borders around the display are slightly thicker than on those phones. The base chin houses when a cable is plugged , a tiny telling LED, which also lights up and is thick.

root xiaomi poco f1

Yes, that is correct; root access is possible on the Xiaomi Poco F1 thanks to this Magisk support and to the devs who made this happen so quickly. Therefore, now you can unlock the Android UI that runs in your own new Snapdragon 845 powered device, which means that things are really beginning to look interesting enough even for the most seasoned Android users. We all know the Xiaomi Poco F1 is being powered by the fastest chip in the marketplace and we know that things are not ideal, but on that price tag, that can really argue about such things.

Anyway, now with the possibility of gaining root access revealed the perspective of using the Xiaomi Poco F1 on a daily basis seems even better. Why is that? Well, largely because on a rooted smartphones it’s possible to select what tweaks to use in order to customize and optimize the Android core system, depending on your own requirements. Shortly, now you can customize your own Android experience so as to receive the best results, and every time a high-end smartphone is involved, your occupation is quite instinctive.

What is Root, Exactly?

Rooting, for those of you that don’t know, means providing yourself root permissions in your devices. It is similar running apps as administrators in Windows, or operating a command with sudo in Linux. Using a rooted device, you are able to run apps that need access to certain system settings, as well as flash custom ROMs for your phone, which includes all sorts of extra features. If you’re on the fence around rooting, have a look at our top 10 reasons to root your own Android smartphone for some inspiration.

That’s why we are talking about rooting the Xiaomi Poco F1. And we’ll do that through the subsequent guidelines where we’ll bring into debate significant aspects including the advantages and the risks suggested, the vital pre-requisites that must be first implemented and the real steps that will teach you how you can successfully get root access on your handset.

root xiaomi poco f1 1

As already outlined, if root is guaranteed it is possible to tweak the Android platform. So, on your Xiaomi Poco F1 you’ll be able to perform different customizations and optimizations just for enhancing the overall Android experience. And among the custom operations that may be implemented on a rooted OS, we can mention the following ones: you can remove bloatware and specific startup programs, you can add customized kernels and MODs, you can install custom apps from different sources than Google Play, you may install a custom ROM firmware (like Lineage OS, AOKP or Paranoid Android), you may choose to overclock or undervolt CPU frequencies and much more.

Before rooting your Xiaomi Poco F1 consider in producing an overall backup for saving your personal data, acoounts, info, files and essentially everything else that was not there from day one. The backup is optional however highly recommended – through the root process you’ll need to make a hard reset accordingly, if you’re not attentive enough you may end up in losing your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, sound files, market applications, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, IMEI / NVRAM data and so forth.

root xiaomi poco f1

You may save those files easily and also quickly – in that regard you may use dedicated backup and restore applications on Google Play, you can sync your data with your Google Account or you can just use built-in cloud storage platforms which are already running on your device.

Enable USB Debugging Xiaomi Poco F1

On your Xiaomi Poco F1 you need to check that the USB Debugging option. This feature is located under Menu – > Settings – > Developer Options. If the Developer Options entry isn’t available under general Settings, do not panic; just browse towards About Phone and there tap for 7 Times, on Build Number before the ‘you are a developer’ message is displayed onto your smartphone.

You need to charge your handset prior to starting the root sequence. A charging is required particularly if your phone runs low on power – then, it can get turned off directly in the middle of the unlocking process; if a sudden shut down occurs you might wind up in experiencing different applications related problems on your Xiaomi Poco F1 – you can consequently soft-brick your own Android device so be mindful.

Root Xiaomi Poco F1

We will show you 15 steps to root your device, follow process below:

Step 1 – Power on your computer and enable an internet connection.
Step 2 – After its, access this link and from there download the root exploit that is available for your Xiaomi Poco F1.
Step 3 – Save root file on your desktop.
Step 4 – Switch off your smartphone and wait for a few minutes while the shut down process is completed.
Step 5 – Then, reboot recovery mode on your phone.
Step 6 – In recovery choose to make a hard reset and also clear app data cache – you can do this by selecting these Step 7 – choices: ‘wipe data factory reset’ followed by wipe cache partition’ and from ‘wipe dalvik cache’.
Step 8 – Return to main menu of recovery and select ‘reboot system now’.
Step 9 – Then Connect your mobile phone with your PC- do so by plugging in the USB cable.
Step 10 – In your PC select the root package and move it to your phone.
Step 11 – Go to recovery mode again.
Step 12 – In recovery tap on Install and load the root file from your mobile phone.
Step 13 – Swipe and begin the flashing process.
Step 14 – In the end, return to main menu of recovery and tap Reboot.
Step 15 – Complete, you success root your device.
Great work; root is currently enabled in your Xiaomi Poco F1. You are able to confirm the root status on your own Androi phone easily using a dedicated application available at Google Play – only download and run the root Checker appication. If you’d like, you may use the comments area from underneath for sharing your root expertise with us and also with other users that may be interested in unlocking their own Xiaomi Poco F1.
If you had problems, share it with us now and provide as much information as possible as based on the information you supply we’ll look for the right troubleshooting solutions. Stay and enjoy for more tutorials and other helpful Android related trick and tips. 🙂