Xiaomi Mi A1 Price in Bangladesh 2019

Xiaomi Mi A1 – Price in Bangladesh 2019 and Specs

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Xiaomi Mi A1 – Price in Bangladesh 2019 and Specs – We are fascinated by Xiaomi, which has quickly carved out a niche as the Apple of Android: it takes a similarly stripped-back approach to Cupertino’s best, offering phones which don’t faff around. It’s a Mi 5X that is revamped and looks and feels fantastic. There are a few notes that are wrong — no NFC means no mobile payments, and the display is unsatisfactory — but it’s still an awful lot of phone for not a lot of cash.


Some phones feel unbalanced or slippy; not the A1. The single wrong note is at the top and bottom bezels, which are large.

There is a really loud speaker, a quick fingerprint scanner (on the back, in which it makes most sense), USB-C plus a 3.5millimeter headphone jack. So the A1 can be used by you as a remote control for your home entertainment kit, there’s also an IR blaster.

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The big selling point here is the lens 12MP camera, that has been borrowed from the Mi 6 flagship. It isn’t identical — the principal lens is slightly poorer in low light, and doesn’t deal as well as rivals like the Moto G5S — but in ordinary conditions it takes superb photos, especially portraits: we think it does a much better job compared to twin-lens OnePlus 5 string. It is among the greatest cameras we’ve seen for photos at least, in a budget device : while it can do 4K movie, the lack of stabilisation means it’s shakycam 4K. The camera has an adequate 5MP.xiaomi mi a1 features

The 5.5-inch IPS LCD provides 1080 1920 and is bright and nice, but colors feel lackluster — not in contrast to a iPhone’s IPS LCD, however into the LCDs in funding smartphone. Films particularly are great with this screen as on rivals. Audio is better, with above average performance through headphones and via the mono speaker.

The phone is Android One so the firmware and OS upgrades are provided by Google and Xiaomi has not awakened with the OS. Nougat’s running however an Oreo update is guaranteed.


Insider there is an Snapdragon 4GB and 625 of storage with 64GB of RAM. In use it simplifies competitions like the Redmi Note 4 thanks to Android’s dearth tinkering, so there processes. App shifting and launch is multitasking is straightforward and quicker. The phone weird or did not become hot with 25 programs running. We would compare it that much difference is made by the Android One optimisation.xiaomi mi a1 performance

The battery does not offer you wireless or fast charging, though it includes a C interface along with a Qualcomm chipset that is proper and is 3,080 mAh. So it is just as well the battery deals admirably with the most demanding. We dropped 15 to 18 hours.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Price in Bangladesh 2019

Android One optimization and also decent quality hardware’s combination signifies that the Mi A1 punches way above its weight: it is similar to phones. The main disadvantage is not the phone, but the smartphone business: Xiaomi’s presence in the West isn’t massive, therefore tech support and fixes could prove problematic. When you consider the price in bangladesh is just 21,990 Tk. (3GB) 23,490 Tk. (4GB) that’s a danger buyers will be happy to take.